maandag 5 april 2010

Blusoul - Blu Illusions 002 On Pure FM [26.03.2010]

Blusoul - Blu Illusions 002 On Pure FM [26.03.2010]

01. Shigeru Tanabu - Move (White Rmx) [Apt International]
02. Lustral - Many Years from Now (D-Noxx & Beckers Rmx) [Plusquam Records]
03. Blusoul - World In A Shell (Blusoul Dub)[Promo [The Sound Of Everything]
04. Deep Sound - Air (Artie flexs Rmx) [Spring Tube]
05. Jono Fernandez - Everytime (Arthur Deep Rmx) [Proton music]
06. Gary Saville - Electrik (Original Mix) [Polytechnic records]
07. Sasha - Magnetic North (Lank Airboottrigger Rmx) [Blanche Recordings]
08. Christian Smith - Flyertalk (Original Mix) [Bedrock Records]
09. Stan Kolev - Mesmerizing (Beat Factory Rmx) [Global Underground Music]

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Seems to be a problem with this one, or it could just be me. When I download it, it gets 10-15 minutes in then goes back to the start. It does this throughout the whole set :(

  2. i had it to, its only have that problem when you skip in the set, if you listen whole set without skipping you hear full set. or have you also problem with listening set without skipping?